Who We Are

Dominquez Archaeological Research Group (DARG) is the operational division of Dominquez Archaeological Research Group, Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation established in 2003 as a consortium for anthropological and archaeological research, preservation, and education in the Upper Colorado River Basin.

Our Mission

DARG's mission is to provide an organizational and operational environment that facilitates:

  • Professional excellence and the application of high standards in archaeological and anthropological research, preservation, and education.
  • Scientific rigor and the development and application of innovative research methods and advanced technology for data capture and information management in archaeology and anthropology.
  • Forwarding the goals of inclusivity, diversity and racial justice and actively promoting an environment of inclusivity for people from different backgrounds, color, beliefs, religions, nationalities, and socio-economic status
  • Support of black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning persons, queer, other (LGBTQQ+), and women.
  • A zero tolerance policy towards racist, homophobic, transphobic, and sexist attitudes and behavior.
  • Cooperative and collaborative approaches in cultural resources research, preservation, and education that integrate cross-boundary knowledge and expertise from diverse professional, institutional, and public sources (BIPOC, LGBTQQ+, women, and others) while actively engaging the community through outreach and providing a platform for diverse voices to be heard and included in all DARG activities.

Current Work

Archaeological Reassessment of Rock Art in Canyon Pintado National Historic District: Phase II

This project continuesw a major preservation, research, and public archaeology initiative for rock art resources in Canyon Pintado National Historic District (5RB.984) located south of Rangely, Colorado in Rio Blanco County. A team of archaeologists and technical specialists organized by Dominquez Archaeological Research Group (DARG) will continue to revisit and intensively record 12 additional high-value rock art sites in the State Bridge / Cow Canyon site complex using advanced, high-resolution digital imaging and computational image processing techniques. Project data will be organized for review, assessment, and curation by tribal, agency, and professional research partners; and will establish baseline recording protocols for future phases of the project. Selected digital products will be shared with public archaeology and education partners. The project will leverage long-term collaborative relationships among professional, tribal and preservation partners; and will encourage newly formed coalitions promoting public archaeology, site stewardship, historic preservation and heritage tourism in an under-served area of the state.

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Ongoing Research

Ute Trails Project
Colorado Wickiup Project

Rock Art Project
Western Colorado Bison Project

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Ongoing Research

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The DARG Partnership of Discovery Program: Adopt-an-Archaeologist 2022 Event!

The Dominquez Archaeology Research Group (DARG) Partnership of Discovery Program invites you to Adopt-an-Archaeologist as a fun and educational way for you and your family to support real archaeology in western Colorado.

Adopting an archaeologist creates a new partnership of discovery between you and the DARG field researchers who are uncovering the hidden mysteries of western Colorado pre-history every day. You will have the opportunity to partner with an archaeologist involved in scientific research such as the Western Colorado Bison Project, the Colorado Wickiup Project, Rock Art assessments, and a variety of Historic Archaeology projects.

As a DARG Archaeologist "adopter" you can make a one-year commitment, at the level of your choice, that will enable DARG to continue the stable, predictable support base needed for ongoing archaeological work. In turn, your adopted archaeologist will directly involve you in the discoveries they make each season.

By adopting a DARG archaeologist you will be helping to fund ongoing DARG projects as well as contributing to the preservation of our western Colorado archaeological resources.

Adoption Levels

  • Uinta Level ($25 Donation): An adoption certificate with a photo and biography of your adopted archaeologist and our periodic e-newsletter, "The Point" featuring updates on DARG projects and reports on exciting new developments in the world of western Colorado archaeology.
  • Fremont Level ($100 Donation): All of the perks of Uinta Level, plus you and your family will meet your archaeologist for an interactive educational activity that includes a presentation of your choice involving real artifacts! You may choose from The Western Colorado Bison Project, The Wickiup Project, or one of our history projects.
  • Folsom Level ($500 Donation): All of the above and an interactive tour of a regional archaeological rock art site where you will be met and guided by your adopted archaeologist and (if applicable) A Youth Archaeology Kit!
  • Clovis Level ($1000+ Donation): All inclusive package that includes Dinner with the Director and a themed gift basket with quick reference cards, a display quality handcrafted projectile point, and other surprises! A donation of $1000 or more grants you and a guest dinner with DARG President, Carl Conner, and your adopted archaeologist, for a memorable evening of food, drink, and archaeological conversation.

Adopt-an_Archaeologist 2022 Event

We Value Your Support

Your support helps us continue our scientific research, preservation, and public outreach throughout the Upper Colorado River Basin.